Closed For Mud Season!

Vermont has six seasons: Winter, Mud Season, Spring, Summer, Fall, Stick Season. During Mud Season, the snow is melting and VT is rainy, brown and muddy before Spring really comes. Stick Season is when all of the colorful Fall leaves have fallen off the Fall trees and VT is again, brown and sticky, waiting for snow. 

Many small businesses, ourselves included, close shop during the slow times during Mud Season and Stick Season. We take this time to give ourselves and our devoted staff a break, which ensures that we are all happy to see each other (and you) in the four other seasons. We will re-open May 24th with five additionally renovated motel rooms and a badass front patio with two fire pits and lots of cocktail bar seating!

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Justin Hyjek
A PeEk at Our Interiors!
 Queen Room 

Queen Room 

 Queen Room 

Queen Room 

Welcome to the first look of Main and Mountain — our boutique motel, late night bar, and social spot located in the heart of Ludlow, VT. Functional yet fun, simple yet well-designed, with a sense of authenticity and adventure that reflects the spirit of the area. Here you’ll find a lobby bar showcasing spirited mixology & handcrafted cocktails, craft beer and wine. Open to the public. 

We are getting close to accepting reservations for this winter and by joining our email list you'll be the first to access our exclusive grand opening offer. Keep your eye out for this email offer in the next few weeks and spread the word! 


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We Bought A Motel!

 We are Justin and Eliza, Southern Vermont natives with
a newfound love for the hospitalitybiz. 

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 Your Hosts

Eliza and Justin


Six months ago — and more by chance than you’d think — we bought a motel. 
It’s taken us until today to show it off, here’s the story:  

Since December 2014, we’ve been busy owning and operating a lively hostel, cocktail bar and restaurant combo run out of a charming Victorian home in downtown Ludlow, Vermont. We’ve kept ourselves busy scrubbing toilets, making beds, mixing drinks, serving tables and learning how to fix things on the daily.

On a quiet and blistery morning last winter, we were sprawled on the hostel couches sipping espresso, being nosy neighbors. A crew was putting up signs that read “REAL ESTATE AUCTION”. Despite working/living across the street for two years,
we’d never set foot inside.  

Our curiosity was undeniably piqued. 

Admitted coffee junkies, we finished our hostel-made espressos, and walked the 20 yards across Main Street to take ourselves on an unguided tour of the place. It was a beast.  Walking around, we joked that we’d check out the auction, and bid up to the amount we were willing to pay for the parking lot (if you’ve stayed with us, you probably know that parking gives us hell every winter).

In the spirit of fun and for the love of parking, three hours later Justin didn’t hesitate to raise his paddle to start the bidding war.

 Here she is in her original form

Here she is in her original form

When Justin’s paddle went up, with the exception of the heckling auctioneer, there were crickets. No bidding war there.  Finally, along with our blood pressures,
another paddle was raised.

The auctioneer poked and prodded, figuring at least one of us was either competitive or crazy. He went nose to nose with Justin, and yelled,
“I have a car that’s worth more than your bid.” 

Justin laughed, raised his paddle faster than anyone could slap it down, and that was that.
We were the proud owners of our dream parking lot, along with an 18-room motel! 

How it all started!

 And a glimpse of the rooms before

And a glimpse of the rooms before

We're making moves!


Follow us on the renovation journey! 

Maria Piessis