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Main + Mountain’s bright, airy rooms bring the essence of Vermont living to life—a modern mix of natural woods and gorgeous color palettes combine across all 13 warm and inviting accommodations. High-end memory foam beds, flatscreen televisions with DirecTV, private bathrooms and in-room gear closets are just a few of the reasons you’ll enjoy your stay. And with our Invisible Service, you’ll skip traditional front desk check-in and go right to your room after receiving a keyless entry code.


Key to enjoying M+M is embracing one simple concept: We’re a bar wrapped in a motel. Which means if you enjoy exploring Vermont as much as you do raising a glass with friends, if you respect a day on the mountain as much as you do a craft cocktail, and if you get up early for first chair and only go to bed after one last nightcap… look no further. When making this booking, be prepared to have fun or hear fun! More on noise levels here!

Contact: or call us at 802-242-1608. 

Have a reservation? You can modify your reservation here or or send requests to our invisible concierge.

Main + Mountain Motel Bar Ludlow VT_Stitch 6a (crop 2x3).jpg

Queen Room

Main+Mountain Motel King Room 1.jpg

King Room

Main+Mountain Motel Bar Ludlow VT_QUEEN + BUNK (0614).jpg

Queen + Bunk Room

Main + Mountain

Double Queen Room

Main and Mountain Motel Room 4.jpg

Double Queen + Bunk

Main and Mountain Motel Room4 2.jpg

Main+Mountain Motel Bar Ludlow VT_SUITE living room (0719).jpg

The Suite

Main+Mountain Motel Bar Ludlow VT_SUITE 1 (0654).jpg

Bedroom 1

Main+Mountain Motel Bar Ludlow VT_SUITE bunks (0690).jpg

Bedroom 2


Cancellation Policy

20% non-refundable deposit is due upon booking 

Cancellation 10 or less days prior to check-in: 50% of entire reservation is forfeited  

Cancellation 5 or less days prior to check-in: 100% of entire reservation is forfeited 

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. Bookings may not be transferred to a different date to avoid cancellation fees. You are subject to the same fees when canceling original dates and rescheduling your trip. Canceling due to weather is no exception.