All Stays Include
Invisible Service

Go where you want to go. Do what you need to do. Call us if you need anything—anytime. Your Main + Mountain adventure includes our Invisible Service, a first-of-its-kind offering that lets you customize your lodging experience. Yes, we have a full staff managing M+M—but if we are doing our job… you’ll never see us.

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PRE-ARRIVAL. Starting at 11AM on the day of your check-in, your room number and personalized 4-digit entrance code will be emailed to the address you booked your reservation with. (If you booked through Expedia or, please check your message center or login email address to that site.)

ARRIVAL. Check-in begins at 3pm and has no end time. Your room number and entrance code get emailed to you, so you can go straight to your room! There will be no fuss with leaving the kids in the car to check-in, no worry about late arrivals, and no stress of having to find which pocket you left your credit card in—go straight to the room (and your payment will be processed automatically with the card on file). 

CHECK-OUT. Forget trekking down to a front desk—we don’t have even one. Check-out is at 11am—take off and we’ll send you a receipt via email. Late check-out can be arranged based upon availability for the following fees: $30 fee to extend to noon / $50 to extend to 1pm / half the cost of the room to extend to 5pm.

INVISIBLE REQUESTS. Need a few more towels? Would an extra pillow make you more comfy? A plunger at 2am? Easy. Text (or call) your request 24 hours a day to the Invisible Request Hotline (see info card in your room) and our team will respond within minutes.

INVISIBLE ACCESS. Use your key code for room entry and enjoy 24-hour access to our self-service coffee kitchenette featuring coffee and tea, microwave and refrigerators, plus freezers with ice.


All beer, wine and select cocktails can be pre-ordered—we’ll stock your fridge with your requests before you arrive. Fancy cocktail ice will be waiting in your freezer and the perfect glassware will be waiting on top of the fridge next to your expertly crafted cocktail. All you’ll have to do is pour your cocktail from our branded flask into your glass. (For the cocktail nerds out there—we stir and shake to the perfect dilution point before bottling to ensure your cocktail tastes as it would right in our bar.)

HOW IT WORKS. When you book your room online, simply select your add-on items from our list and add them to the reservation, just like you would an online shopping cart. We’ll stock your fridge with your requests while you’re out and add the charge to your room bill. Want to order more during your stay? Text the Invisible Bartender Hotline with your requests before 3pm and we’ll deliver while you’re out exploring. (Note: Our bar is closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, but don’t stress—we’ll bring the bar to you. Get in touch with us before you arrive to order cocktails, beer or wine and we’ll stock your fridge before you arrive.)


A custom guidebook in your room features our curated list of the best experiences in the area. Flip the pages and instantly become a Vermonter—you’ll get our insider tips on the best restaurants, the best runs/hikes… and the best areas to explore.

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